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               Imagine being able to perform a full inventory stock check, every day, in less than a minute


    1000 times faster than Barcoding, GemBox is the worlds only proven, 100% reliable, RFID technology

GemBox PJM RFID technology is different from all other types of RFID. It is specifically designed to work with large volumes of closely stacked items with proven 100% reliability. It is so unique it even has its own international standard (ISO/IEC 18000 3 mode 2). Tags are reusable and rewritable, and special tag sizes can be ordered (min quantity applies). 


GemBox PJM RFID is superior in many ways to Low Frequency (LF) RFID. Where LF RFID offers slow scanning speeds, a small memory of only 126 bits, cannot use Digital Certificate to Authenticate and wire wound coil tags which are more expensive, PJM offers:


  • 50 times faster than LF scanning speed

  • Large data memory 8000bits useable

  • Easily hold digital certificate to prohibit duplication or cloning

  • No connection to online database required

  • Cheaper tags

  • Large range of RFID Tunnel readers, Desktop Readers & Cabinets





For a more in-depth analysis and breakdown, please review:

The Dymocks Building, 3/428 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Tel: +61 2 9235 2133

Fax: +61 92 25 2946

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