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Gem Box Gemstones

Stick on a paper RFID Gem Tag


The paper RFID Gem tag is just the same as any other label tag except for the power thats hidden inside. Designed to perfectly fit commercially available generic gemstone containers, you can start tagging your inventory right away.


They can be reused as many times as you like & its no problem to write on them in the same way you do now

Save Data to the RFID tag


After opening the Gem Box RFID reader software, you can start by entering your stock number and saving it to the RFID tag. It doesn’t stop there.


Simply Copy & Paste all the gemstone details onto the tag to get all the benefits of Gem Box RFID.

Return Gem container to tray


It really doesn’t take long to tag your entire stock.

After you’ve finished, thats it. Your ready to go!

Place your Gem tray onto the reader


It’s as simple as that.

Within 5 seconds the entire contents of the gem trays will be displayed on your computer screen including colours, gem type, shape and size.


Run a report to instantly find out what’s missing and what’s not!

Tag anything you like!


We all like to stock our gemstones in different ways. 

Gem Box RFID works perfectly if you are tagging plastic bags or paper packets.

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