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rfid reader jewellery

rfid reader jewellery

Cabileo-PJM RFID Smart Cabinet (PSC6040) Door Open

Cabileo-PJM RFID Smart Cabinet (PSC6040) Door Open



M3DR-4330 3D Desktop Reader_front

M3DR-4330 3D Desktop Reader_front

MDR-1109 Small Desktop Reader

MDR-1109 Small Desktop Reader





PJM paperface labels on Brifkas

PJM paperface labels on Brifkas

GemBox 3D Desktop Reader


  • Will identify 1000 items in 30 seconds

  • Tags can be placed at any angle on the reader

  • Suitable for all inventory sizes

  • Instantly find missing and surplus diamonds

  • Use for memo in and out

  • Diamonds can be placed on the reader in any orientation and stacked close together

  • Easily transportable when you are exhibiting stock at international shows


For additional documentation on the Desktop Reader, please review this PDF: 

GemBox RFID Diamond Tags


  • Our RFID labels are designed specifically to fit on the front of both sizes of popular diamond papers used around the world

  • With a paper surface, they can be printed with specific diamond data including barcodes to work with legacy systems

  • Smaller labels are available to work with both jewellery and individual gemstone boxes

 GemBox Portable Desktop Reader


  • Reliable identification, reading and writing up to 20 PJM StackTag® items with zero separation between tags or to individual PJM ItemTag® labels

  • Fast operation on 2 reply channels

  • A powerful processing platform allowing for stand-alone reader operation

  • Good connectivity offering both Ethernet and USB interfaces

  • Complies with ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2


For additional documentation on the Portable Reader, please review 

this PDF: 

    GemBox Diamond Cabinet

  • Full Inventory Count each time you close the door.

  • Locked cabinet with individual smart key access lets you know WHO, WHEN and WHAT stock is inserted, removed or replaced.

  • WIFI connection means cabinet is mobile- keep in the safe or out, OR move it around the office.

  • Identifies 3000 items in 30 seconds with a maximum of 36,000 per cabinet.

  • 24/7 live inventory count multi language touchscreen display


For additional documentation on the Diamond Cabinet, please review this PDF:



To see a real time demonstration, please review the embedded video below:

SATO GemBox RFID Printer


  • Prints diamond data on label and simultaneously writes diamond stock data to RFID chip directly from your stock database.

  • GemBox RFID label look & feel just like the  regular paper labels you use now

  • Continue to print with same label layout you use now,  including barcodes, for legacy systems.


For additional information on the RFID Printer's, please review this PDF:


Alternatively, to see the printer used in real time, please view the embedded video below:


GemBox RFID Tunnel Reader


  • Very high speed identification, reading, writing and verification of multiple tags; up to 600 tags per second

  • Ability to identify and read 96-bits at a rate of 250 tags per second

  • A powerful processing platform allowing for stand-alone reader operation

  • Full ferrite shielding and field cancellation protection. Allowing tunnels to be placed closely together

  • A very robust heavy duty industrial design

  • Very good network connectivity offering a full Ethernet interface


For further documentation, please review this PDF: 

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