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Gem Box Diamond

Insert the Gem Box Diamond tag


The first thing to do for your diamond inventory is to insert the Gem Box Diamond RFID tag.


These are custom made to fit perfectly inside each diamond paper & can be reused as many times as you like.


Print & Write using our RFID printers


Using our PJM enabled SATO printers it’s easy to print and write each diamonds data to the RFID chip directly from your inventory software.


Create hundred or even thousands of tags in one simple process.

Save Data to the RFID tag


After opening the Gem Box RFID reader software, you can start by entering your stock number and saving it to the RFID tag. It doesn’t stop there. Simply Copy & Paste all the diamond’s details onto the tag to get all the benefits of Gem Box RFID.


Affix your printed RFID tag


Our RFID tags look and feel like regular paper labels.They are sized perfectly to fit on the front flap of your paper diamond briffka. 


You can still print your regular barcode on the label if you wish


Return Diamond paper to Box


It really doesn’t take long to tag your entire stock.


After you’ve finished, thats it. Your ready to go!

Place your Case onto the reader


It’s as simple as that. Within 5 seconds the entire contents of the case will be displayed on your computer screen including colours, clarity & certificate numbers. Run a report to instantly find out what’s missing and what’s not!

Scan your whole stock 

no matter how many boxes you have!


You’ll have your entire inventory checked off in no time.


Using the Gem Box Stock Report tool you can instantly create a list of

missing & surplus stock.

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