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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is RFID?


RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification & refers to a small electronic device with a small chip & antenna that cen be attached to an object. The chip is capable of carrying 1000 bytes of data & has a unique identifier which, when scanned, will retrieve that particular objects data. Unlike barcodes, no line of sight is required and hundreds of tags can be scanned simultaneously.


- Are RFID tags reusable?


Yes! Each tag can be rewritten more than 10,000 times or used for a minimum of 10 years. The choice to reuse the tags or not is totally up to you. Wiping data from an RFID takes just 2 clicks.


- What is a “3D Reader”?


It means the RFID tags can be placed in any orientation to the scanner. Most RFID systems require tags to be placed either laterally or vertically to the reader surface, resulting in less than 100% read rates. A 3D systems allows you to place any number of tags in a bag or box without any thought to the way they are arranged, delivering a fully flexible & 100% accurate system


- What is PJM technology?


Phase Jitter Modulation - well you asked! In a nutshell PJM RFID tags allow you to stack them very close together (zero gap) while still reading all tags with a 100% accuracy. They also work with our 3D readers at amazingly fast read speeds.


- How does GemBox save me money?


We save you time & avoid loosing goods. With the GemBox system you can make a full inventory stocktake in less than 10 minutes, why not do one everyday when unpacking the safe? Knowing if something in missing in the last 8 hrs makes finding the goods all the easier, plus you know exactly whats on hand & in the office.


- I have more than one diamond box, does it still work?


You can stock take thousands of items at one time. Even if you have 100 diamond boxes, simply place each box on the scanner, up to 5 at a time. Then when all items have been scanned (10 - 40 seconds depending on the way you set up your system) you can keep placing new boxes onto the reader continuously until finished. Everything placed on the reader will be saved as a single CSV file allowing a quick stocktake using our GemBox Stockreport software.


- Does GemBox tell me if the Diamond is in the brifka?


Sorry, we can’t do that. The reader will sight the RFID tag in the brifka, not the diamond. We would hope that you already have a system to ensure the goods are placed into the correct brifka, gemstone container


- Can I still use my own software?


Of course you can. In fact GemBox doesn’t change anything about the way you manage your stock data base. You have 2 choioces:


  1. Use Excel as the link between our software and your accounting / stock management system. The only requirement is that you can export your stock list to Excel, whereby you can simply copy & paste each items data onto an RFID tag, saving you hours of data entry time, and run a complete inventory check.

  2. Integrate the hardware directly with your own inventory management software. This opens up the possibility to generate invoices & memo’s instantly from items placed on the reader. This way you do not need to purchase GemBox software & we can supply all the information your software vendor needs to perform the integration.


- Can I find the location of my Gemstones?


Geographical tracking of diamonds and gemstones is made possible by giving each reader its own IP address. This way they are connected directly & independently to the web so that when an item is scanned, remote users can identify the location of that item.


Note: You will need a software solution for this, please contact us to find out more








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