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Gem Box Jewellery Solution

GemBox Re-usable Jewellery Tags


The GemBox Jewellery system offers the most cost effective RFID inventory solutions available today. 

Each tag is guaranteed for 10 years with unlimited reuses & can be placed in ultrasonic cleaners.

Print GemBox Label & Tag


After opening the Gem Box RFID reader software, place a GemBox RFID tag on the reader, enter the detail & simply press "Print".

This process automatically links your reusable RFID tag with disposable Jewellery Label. 

Place RFID tag onto Label

Its simple to place the RFID tag onto the adhesive side of the Jewellery label using our special placement tool.

Finish Joining tag onto your Jewellery


It’s as simple as that.

Finish folding the label to create a secure encapsulated RFID tag enabelling you to perform a full inventory stock count in just seconds

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