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PJM HF achieves 100% reliability whereas UHF only achieves reliability levels of between 85% and 92%. The reasons for the unique reliability of PJM HF are explained here.
There are two principle causes of less than 100% reliability


  1. Tags not being read and

  2. Tags being incorrectly read (false reads or ghost tags)


This paper will consider these two causes of unreliability and the means by which Magellan's PJM HF technology avoids them.

GemBox RFID Readers can be integrated & used for location or Geographical tracking. Each reader is assigned its own identity & subsequent items scanned deliver a picture of physical movement of goods.

This White Paper will compare the old LF and the new HF systems by describing their respective functionality in terms of their ability to read multiple tags; their anti collision capability; their stackability; communication speed; memory size; security features; international acceptance; general utility; and cost.​

PJM stands for Phase Jitter Modulation... This new system is specified in ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2 and provides for very fast data rates that are as much as 100 - 400 times faster than other RFID data rates. In fact the data rate of PJM Mode 2 at 13.56 MHz HF is demonstrably many times faster than the data rates of other HF technologies and indeed UHF technologies

This White Paper aims to correctly inform users of RFID of the significant functional and operational improvements offered by this new HF RFID technology and how this technology differentiates itself from alternative LF and UHF systems.

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